Why I Hate Ice in my Drinks (And Why You Should Too)

Image credit to Bubblenews

Okay, first, I just want to get a few things out of the way. Firstly, I would like to thank all my readers who read yesterday’s post. I have never got so many views in one day and the new record for the number of views in a day is more than triple the previous one. You guys are awesome. I don’t even know how to top the previous post. But here’s a post anyways.

Secondly, I am terribly sorry for the cliche title format. But it’s cliche for a reason. 


Whenever I go to McDonald’s, I always order my drink with no ice.  Some people look at me funny, as if they think ice is some kind of a requirement for enjoying cold beverages.

Really? ._.

I HATE ice in my cold beverages. Quite honestly, it is a waste to have ice in your drink. Here are some of the reasons why I hate ice in my drink:

1. It takes up too much space

Ice is not the beverage I am drinking. Why should I sacrifice some volume of drink for some frozen water cubes that do nothing but make the drink cold? Some people really use this to their advantage.

“You want ice? Okay!”

<proceeds to fill up three quarters of the cup with ice>

This is one of those things that really pisses me off. In these situations, I sometimes ask for no ice. In the end, I reduce their profits despite paying the same price. If you’re a store owner who likes to exploit the space-filling nature of ice, please at least have a NO ICE option. Okay, obviously the customer has to pay more. But at least he won’t feel ridiculously cheated.

Oh, and also, Ice is less dense than water. So if you order Ice Water, you are actually getting less water than normal Water, even if you patiently wait for the ice to melt. And that brings me to my next reason:

2. Ice melts… and dilutes

Unless I am drinking water, ice dilutes any drink that I would otherwise enjoy. Coke, Milo, Tea etc. Every beverage will get diluted. And the taste will be awful. Ever tried drinking ultra-diluted Milo? It just becomes a sour liquid that probably tastes like some other liquid that we see at the toilet.

3. Ice is cold

This is probably more of a personal reason. I like my cold drinks cold… but not EXTREMELY cold. Ice, doing its 0 degrees wonders, makes every single beverage too chilly. Honestly, if I wanted to drink a cold beverage, I’d rather chuck it into the fridge some time before and completely enjoy it later.

4. Ice prevents me from eating pearls

Well, this is more of a local reason. Bubble Tea has these toppings (or rather, “bottom”-ings) called Pearls. If you drink your beverage until the ice drops on top of the pearls, you’re stuck. I find it very difficult to suck up those pearls when there is ice out of them. What’s worse is that when the ice melts and become as small as the pearls themselves, you’ll be sucking up the wrong thing. And it is really uncomfortable.

5. Ice is Dirty

…Really dirty. Ingesting ice/drinking it when it melts is shown to be, in many cases, dirtier than drinking toilet water. That is disgusting. The full article is here. Honestly, after hearing that, I have even more of a reason to hate ice in my drinks.


So that’s it. 5 reasons why I am not a fan of ice in my drinks. What compelled me to write this? Well, I just experienced reason No.4 and all those pearls have gone to waste. Sigh. Why must there be ice in everything?


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