Five Albums from 2014 that I’ve Missed


Those who know me personally would know that this was quite an important year for me, especially in the academic field. (Hence, the infrequent posting.) I am aware that most of my recent posts are metal-related, and well I’ll try to keep the balance after I’m done with /three/ more metal-related posts, or should I say, music-related posts.

2015 was an amazing year in music personally, and, at least in my opinion, significantly better than 2014. However, no one can listen to everything that’s released in an year, and hence I have decided to write this post, which acknowledges some of the solid releases of 2014 that I has missed. These five are in no particularly order of merit, although the last two would easily have come in my Top 10 for the year.

Royal BloodRoyal Blood (Hard Rock)

My friend introduced to me the music video for Out Of The Black, and that was probably one of the best music videos I have ever seen in my entire life, no joke. The two-membered band sounded as if there were twice as many members, and the production was admittedly spot-on. The rest of the album wasn’t as great as that one song, and truth be told, I didn’t give this album that many spins in the end. While it would not have ultimately affected my Top 10 list for that year, it’s still an interesting, albeit gimmicky record that’s worth checking out.

Clearing the Path to Ascend – Yob (Doom Metal)
Foundations of Burden – Pallbearer (Doom Metal)

I’ve grouped these two released together because they both made me interested in a genre that previously didn’t really captivate me much. Both albums are great, and have the ability to force the uninitiated to actually listen and appreciate this antithetical genre.

Magnolia – The Pineapple Thief (Progressive Indie Rock)


That’s a genre I never thought I would see. Progressive/Indie Rock. Hmm. Well, that’s pretty much the most apt description of Magnolia. It’s one of those albums that seem standard, but slowly unveils a grand variety of songwriting and technicality that draws the listener in and refuses to let go. A stellar record that’s both inspired and inspirational. For a greater focus on the album, check out this earlier post.

Shelter – Alcest (Shoegaze)


I’ve never heard of Alcest until around midway this year, and well, that’s also when the novelty of Deafheaven suddenly diminished by an obvious yet eventually meaningless fraction. What I eventually discovered was a catalog of new Post-Black Metal, and a recent release of Shoegaze. Although I don’t know French in the slightest, that didn’t stop me from playing this album on loop for innumerable times. Not only is Shelter a fitting introduction to the Shoegaze genre but it’s also a statement by a band that wants to change. In this way, as well as in its quality, it’s on the same boat as Pale Communion, and I do slightly regret not listening to this fantastic album earlier.  

My Top 10 post will come soon, but this year, due to the surprisingly large number of good releases, I shall do a Top 20 instead, and hopefully I’ll be able to capture more of the great work the artists of the world have produced. ‘Til next post!



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