Album in Focus: King – Fleshgod Apocalypse (2016)


Previously, I had declared The Fool as one of the strongest singles of the year so far, and praised it for its improved production, and its perfection as a single. From my first listen of the song, I have been waiting for the release of Fleshgod Apocalypse‘s new album, King. 16 February arrived, and sure enough, I checked Spotify and it was there. (Sadly, I wasn’t there for the 2-hour accidental tease.)

Does the album hold up? My answer would be yes. The Fool showed us what the album was capable of, and, listening to the whole thing, it’s capable of many things. Marche Royale is an epic introduction that sets the tone of the whole album, and blends perfectly into the first proper song In Aeternum. This is a killer track, heavy and bombastic, with everything that The Fool offered. The chorus and ending of this song make it on of the album’s finest pieces. In comparison, Healing Through War is somewhat lacklustre. But that didn’t ruin the mood because after that came The Fool. And y’all know how good that is.

King is a somewhat long album, with 12 tracks. After the first 4, the album proceeds into the second third, and the tone becomes darker with Cold as Perfection, which starts off slowly with a deep heavy riff and a choir at the back. But the strength of this song comes from the light break at the bridge, and the corresponding opera-esque vocals, as well its constant blasts of magnificence and medieval epicness. This song is grand, and its slow pace doesn’t make it any less heavy. The second third is, in my opinion, the weakest third of the album, although it started and ended well. The final third takes a while to appreciate, but in many ways is repeated from the other two thirds. That being said, it doesn’t diminish the enjoyment of the album by a huge amount.

On the whole, this is a worthwhile listen, and perhaps one of the strongest albums released so far. ‘Til next post!

: 4.0/5
Revised Rating (Sept 2017): 3.5/5



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