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Littlefinger: The Gatsby of Game of Thrones?

(Spoiler warning for The Great Gatsby and Game of Thrones up until Season 7.) He is a man who came from humble beginnings, and luckily managed to share the company of a beautiful girl from the aristocracy in his youth.... Continue Reading →


Kafka on the Shore: An Analysis, Pt. 2

Kafka on the Shore provides us with several metaphors, along with ideas such as duality and the condition of the spirit. But what does it mean? In this final part of the analysis, I am going to get to essence... Continue Reading →

Kafka on the Shore: An Analysis, Pt. 1

“Kafka on the Shore” was released by Haruki Murakami in 2002, and, like many of his novels, it is a cryptic page-turner that doesn’t end with all the answers. Having recently finished reading the book, I was left incredibly confused. There... Continue Reading →

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