Cadence If without us suddenly there was a stop in the scene Some silence and hisses amidst tall concrete figures Try tell the climbers not to set up and conquer As indigenous flowers crushed come back and flounder And the growth continues to admonish the stones Rusty locks collapse and everything falls down Trespassing wonders and a … Continue reading Cadence


Month Nine (1st draft)

Month Nine ~~~ Crispy shards of yearly passage fall as do the flames abrasive To be stepped on by the new couple expecting a child To be silenced by the caress of the cold autumn shine Fall arrives at the break of the leaves Each year they flail and one day recede Powdered, laid settled, to … Continue reading Month Nine (1st draft)

Helpless, Less No Help

Helpless, Less No Help ~~~ Reverberating in a cave of sheer, blank nothingness of a rock, smoothened by the confounded waves of the persistent sea, gently rising, blasting trepidation and honing claws of wretched fury, reflecting and believing in nothing to be believed as the distance grows weary. Kinaesthetically comprehensive experiences shape the seraphic journey of … Continue reading Helpless, Less No Help


He looks for cold winter’s storming During a hot summer morning. . However he lives in a seasonless state. Perihelion, aphelion date. . Subfusc dichotomy. One ponders, “Where is he?” . Torn into two, we have lost our sense of location.

Stories of a Thousand Words

Lifelike in color, posture and form, the maiden glances into inexplicable circumstances. The thoughts follow through red, green and blue. Multicolours and patterns of lady-like elegance Materialisations of heavenly dimensions Extrapolating thought to show what it is not. To tell, Stories behind a delicate image of those of a respectable lineage. Glancing forward, standing the … Continue reading Stories of a Thousand Words