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Engaged with Life


Cadence If without us suddenly there was a stop in the scene Some silence and hisses amidst tall concrete figures Try tell the climbers not to set up and conquer As indigenous flowers crushed come back and flounder And the growth... Continue Reading →

How Dost Thou Write, Pt. 2

An Important Announcement

Hello guys. It'll be three years since I've started this blog this April. Three years. I really never thought that this blog would last so long. Over the past three years, I have been blogging about my taste in music,... Continue Reading →

Album in Focus: 4 1/2 – Steven Wilson (2016)

As y'all probably know, Steven Wilson, the beloved of modern prog, has released an EP on 22 Jan 2016, after his 4th album (and total masterpiece) Hand. Cannot. Erase., which I would consider the best release of the previous year. Last... Continue Reading →

(Faux) Positive

Many things in life come in cycles. Daily, weekly, yearly events. Periodic classes and gatherings. Biological and physiological changes. But perhaps most pertinently, emotional shifts. Over the past three years, I've been keeping close track of my emotions, rationalizing them... Continue Reading →

Hello everyone! Recently, a couple of young people have started a site that provides an insight on various religious beliefs, so as to facilitate a better understanding of the different ideas that play such a huge role in many people's... Continue Reading →

Song in Focus: The Fool – Fleshgod Apocalypse (2015)

Quite hilariously the first SiF in about a year. I usually skip singles because I'd rather view albums as cohesive, whole pieces of art, one that's (usually) greater than the sum of its parts. But sometimes, songs can really really stand... Continue Reading →

Month Nine (1st draft)

Month Nine ~~~ Crispy shards of yearly passage fall as do the flames abrasive To be stepped on by the new couple expecting a child To be silenced by the caress of the cold autumn shine Fall arrives at the... Continue Reading →

Reflecting on 2014-5 | Plans for 2016-7

Well, 2016 has arrived and with that comes the yearly promise to post more regularly. This time,  it's legit. I made this in the April of 2013, and it didn't take off. Rather, I was quite disinterested in my own blog.... Continue Reading →

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