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Album in Focus: Affinity – Haken (2016)

Well, it's out. The release I've been just waiting to submerge myself into is here.  Haken went from being a band I didn't know or care about to being one of my all-time favorite bands when they dropped 2013's phenomenal... Continue Reading →


Hype Hype Haken Hype

I've been listening to this song ever since it came out, and it's really quite great. While I do feel some Leprous vibes, Haken clearly maintains their unique and stellar style, creating a breed of progressive music that actually progresses. Well, here's... Continue Reading →

Album in Focus: King – Fleshgod Apocalypse (2016)

Previously, I had declared The Fool as one of the strongest singles of the year so far, and praised it for its improved production, and its perfection as a single. From my first listen of the song, I have been waiting... Continue Reading →

Album in Focus: Curve Of The Earth – Mystery Jets (2016)

I had no expectations for this album. Heck, I hadn't even heard of the band until a few days ago, and same goes for this album. I haven't listened to any of their previous songs or albums, and this means... Continue Reading →

Album in Focus: 4 1/2 – Steven Wilson (2016)

As y'all probably know, Steven Wilson, the beloved of modern prog, has released an EP on 22 Jan 2016, after his 4th album (and total masterpiece) Hand. Cannot. Erase., which I would consider the best release of the previous year. Last... Continue Reading →

Album in Focus: The Ark Work – Liturgy (2015)

Here we have an interesting album. I want to rant about this album simply because it's so interesting. The Ark Work has several flaws, and I'd like to cover that part first. Firstly, MIDI instruments. They literally start to get annoying... Continue Reading →

My Personal Top 20 Albums (2015) Pt. 2

  And now to continue the list I started yesterday. 2015 has been a great year for music, and below are the 10 albums that truly struck a chord with me. (see Part 1 here)   #10: Extinct - Moonspell <album art... Continue Reading →

My Personal Top 20 Albums (2015) Pt. 1

...And now on the most defining post of my blog. As I mentioned in my previous post, I have decided to expand my Top 10 list into a Top 20 list in order to truly capture the excellent quality of... Continue Reading →

Five Albums from 2014 that I’ve Missed

2015. Those who know me personally would know that this was quite an important year for me, especially in the academic field. (Hence, the infrequent posting.) I am aware that most of my recent posts are metal-related, and well I'll... Continue Reading →

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